Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hi everyone!

Today is the final day of the contest! I hope you look back nearly three months and see that you are in a better place today than you were then. So, send in your reports and I will post results on the blog. Congratulations to everyone who made positive changes on the health front! I think it would be cool to have everyone send in the total pounds lost and I will add all of it up and we can see the total our group has lost. If you don't send in a final report maybe just send in your pounds lost so I can total that up. Thanks to all for participating. Let me know if anyone wants to continue a support group or if you have suggestions for improvements for another contest another time.

Most of all, be proud of yourself for signing up and taking the first steps to a healthier you and a healthier life. Remember that changes add up, and you are worth it! Keep up your good new habits, and enjoy Spring and summer when you can get out and move, and eat more fresh foods.Best wishes to you all! And thanks for participating and making this contest possible. Have a great weekend!


Total points is listed first, in parentheses is the weight loss (WL) and exercise (E). I've starred the ones that I've updated so far and will update the rest as I get more reports.

DeAnn (WL , E )
Debby (WL , E )
Donna (WL, E)
Erin 10.63 (WL 8.33 , E 2.3 )
Heidi 4.67 (WL 3.27, E 1.4)
Joanna (WL, E)
*Matt 9.773 (WL 7.173 , E 2.6)
Paul (WL, E)
*Paula 18.6 (WL 12.3 , E 6.3)
*Rebecca 19.464 (WL 13.064 , E 6.4 )
*Rozanne 17.302 (WL 10.802, E 6.5)
Sarah (WL, E)
Steve 8.41 (WL 7.01, E 1.4 )
Terrel (WL , E )

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