Saturday, February 4, 2012

Invitation to cleanse

By now we all know how hard it is to diet and exercise!

It's just a challenge to stay motivated and keep with it.

And it's hard to resist mindless eating.

The complaints against healthy eating and self-control could go on and on

(but so could the benefits!).

I'm ready for a change.

My sister, Paula, has completed the first phase of the 17 - day diet

(and Erin and my mom, Rozanne, are in it right now).

Paula did AWESOME.

It's intense but brings fast results. That's what I'm interested in.

So, I'm going to start a 17 -day cleanse on February 15th!

Anyone is welcome to join me. I will beg off these three ladies the instructions,

since I am waiting for mine to come in at the library.

I'll put the info on the blog so if anyone else wants to we can all do it together, and see results.

From what I understand you eat from a long list of cleansing vegetables, eat lean meats, enjoy 2 low-sugar fruits before 2 pm, drink your 8 cups of water religously,

and have 2 probiotics (plain yogurt) and a couple friendly fats.

So if you want to join mark your calendars for February 15th! We'll finish Friday March 2.

Stay posted.


  1. I think I'll join you. I haven't been doing very well lately and have gained some weight back (oops!). Maybe starting new will help. Love ya!!

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