Wednesday, February 1, 2012

week 4 results

Hi Everyone. I am going to start posting on Saturday regardless of whether I get all the reports in or not. I'll just add reports when I get them....

DeAnn has received $100 so if you are one that has sent in your donation to the winner, thanks! If not, please get that done: DeAnn Turner, 743 E. 675 S. Brigham City, UT 84302

I have received a couple of replies on the decision to have one, two, or three prize categories. Please write to me with your vote if you haven't already.

Also, my sister Paula has joined. Check out her results! She's started following a food plan outlined in "The Seventeen Day Diet" and it's amazing!

DeAnn 1.87
Debby 6.108
Donna 3.92
Heidi is a new grandma last Saturday!!! Congrats!
Joanna 4.63
Matt 2.79
Paul TBD
Paula 6.2
Rebecca 5.77
Rozanne 7.52
Sarah TBD
Steve is a new grandpa!!!!
Terrel 5.56

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