Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Okay I am new to this whole blog thing so I hope that I am doing this right and this gets where it needs to be and to who it needs to get to. Any way I was reading last night in the Ensign and it was on living the Abundant life. Pres. Monson talked on the ABC's. A is for havin a positive Attitude, B is for believing in yourself and C is for having courage to do the right thing.
So I was thinking to myself. Isn't that just like dieting. Don't we have to keep a positive attitude, believe in ourself, and have courage to eat healthy. Then I remembered this poem that I have always found inspiration in. Oddly enough it is called Life Abundant.

Life Abundant
I want to do more than cope; I want to thrive.
so, I manage my stress.

I want to do more than think; I want to be creative.
so, I get enough sleep.

I want to do more thatn make it through the day;
I want to be energeticl
so I eat nuitritious foods.

I want to so more than sit; I want to run.
so, I exercise.

I want more than acquaintances; I want friends.
So, I reach out to others.

I want to do more than search for happiness;
I want peace.
So; I pray.

I want to do more than survive; I want to live.
So, I laugh and cry.

I want more than live; I want life Abundant!

I hope that this inspires you and helps as much as it has helped me over the years.
 Now for some of you, you have asked me for recipes and I will get some to you but I thought I would tell you about this website. It is called e-mealz.com. If I remember right it gives you a weekly menu that are nutritioned out and it is healthy normal family friendly food. A lady told me about it at wieght watchers last year. There is a small fee and the lady that was using it was really loosing wieght. And then there was a mealtimemakeover.com I can't remember what this was about, but anywaya you could look into it. DeAnn over and out.

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  1. ooohhhh. i like that poem. i need a shot of encouragement! thanks so much for the inspiration.