Wednesday, January 4, 2012


For those who don't know me, I am Joanna Randall and I am Rebecca's sister in law. This blog is a great idea! I know it's really early, but I'm really excited about FINALLY trying to take ownership of my weight and I'm really optimistic. It seems that by the time I realized that my body is aging and I can't get away with habits and lifesyles that I used to be able to get away with, my weight was totally out of control. My biggest wake up was viewing a DVD that my daughters basketball coach had put together with pictures from the season and seeing the pictures of myself was shocking. I wanted to cry because that woman wasn't the woman I see in the mirror every morning. It was an eye opener to see myself the way others see me! I didn't gain all this excess weight over night and I know I won't lose it overnight, but it feels good to be taking steps in the right direction! What I'm doing is making small adjustments that I can live with now and plan to add more as I progress. My biggest changes are #1 to give up the soda pop. I am way too addicted. I get a 32 oz. fountain drink almost every day. NO MORE! I am filling up those 32 oz cups with ice water and taking them with me in the car so I can sip on them all day. #2 is getting up a little earlier to do my bike. I have a friend that I walk with 5 days a week, but I also need to add something a little more results oriented. #3 is eating breakfast and eating at regular intervals. I never eat breakfast, in fact I'm usually in such a hurry that I don't eat anything until 11 or 12 when I'm starving and then I just grab the first thing I can get my hands on which is usually not a healthy choice. Now I am feeding myself before my kids! #4 is having healthy foods that I actually enjoy in my home and making those choices. I made a grocery trip and loaded up on those things. I'm keeping a gallon size zip lock bag with a mixture of craisins, almonds and sunflower seeds(yummy) in the car, so when I get hungry on the go(I'm always on the go it seems!), I can grab a handful of that and not hit a drive thru! The last thing I put in place is I took a picture of myself and put it on my cell phone so that I have to look at it every day. When I get the urge to run to the nearest place that sells fountain drinks, I look at that picture and ask myself how bad I really want that soda! Very effective for me. I know this is only day 2, but I already feel better. I realize much of that is mental and not necessarily physical, but I feel better none the less and I am excited to dream about the day my shopping trip can be to buy clothes instead of food because my old clothes are too big!!!!! Good Luck everyone!!!!!


  1. so smart to have all that stuff in the car! i've realized how good almonds taste now that i haven't had sweets for a few days. what a handful of flavorful goodness! i used to think almonds were just for ice cream. i need to make the same type of grocery list and get a giant cup/bottle for water...great ideas!

  2. ps: at first i thought you were going to start bearing your testimony or give a talk :)