Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Welcome to the site where you can share your bio, recipes, successes, total failures, exercise ideas, etc!
If you want to add something but don't want to bother figuring out how to post it here on the blog, send it to: sarahbah@hotmail.com  
After you send your weekly numbers to Rebecca, use that same address above to send your weekly bathing suit pictures (front, side and back) so we can all get a visual. (Just kidding, it's optional.) (Again, just kidding, we really don't want pictures.)
After each Saturday you can come here to check results.  

Below I pasted the emails that were sent out regarding guidelines/dates.
Here's to good health!!!
Hi Health Enthusiasts,

Tomorrow morning weigh yourself and get your official starting weight!  Then imagine yourself in 12 1/2 weeks after exercise, plenty of fruits veggies and water, great family/friend support, and friendly competition.  Envision a healthier YOU!  We're off and running!

Update:  Participation is up to 9 now, with my sister Sarah and her husband Paul and good friend Donna entering the competition!  I also heard a little birdie tell me that Ron is off sugar!  Way to go!  I think he's participating, too!  Sounds like the stakes are getting higher....

Best wishes to you all!!


p.s.  did anyone else enjoy some chocolate tonight???
Start Date: Tuesday, January 3.
End Date: Saturday, March 31.
Donation to winner's prize: $10 (please send to DeAnn Turner, 743 E. 675 S.    Brigham City, UT 84302)
What Counts: how much you LOSE and how much you EXERCISE! 
Reporting: Every Saturday morning send me a report on what you've lost *(see below for formula) AND how many times that week you exercised 30 minutes or more.  NO ONE will know how much you weigh because you will be reporting only the percentage of total body weight you've lost.  I will send an email when all reports are in to show how everyone is doing (competitiveness kicks in here!). 
Winning: One winner will be determined by points: percentage of body weight lost added with points earned from exercising (each half hour adds .1 to your total body percentage lost.)
This is exciting!  Just imagine a healthier you in 12 1/2 weeks!  If anyone wants a $20 prize for whomever is in the lead at Valentine's Day cast your vote (sending that person out to eat could stall them so other's can catch up, ha ha). 
If you have some health wisdom to share send it out as encouragement.  I'd love someone to figure out emotional eating and how I can stop (since I hardly even recognize what I'm doing).  : )
Please send in your first report THIS Satruday (including your exercise!!).
Best wishes to you all in this new year!  And thanks for the support in a healthier family!
FORMULA for keeping your weight a SECRET yet reporting your SUCCESS! 
(if you can't stand math and don't care if I know your weight I'd be happy to do the figuring weekly if you just send in the stats) 
amount of pounds lost DIVIDED BY original weight!  Then multiply that by 100 to get the percentage. 
amount lost     =   W
original weight
W x 100= %of body weight lost
EXAMPLE: 2 pounds lost DIVIDED BY 200 pounds equals .01   then multiply that by 100 and get 1% body weight lost.
  2      =    
200          .01
.01 X 100 = 1%
EXERCISE: report weekly your number of times exercised.  This will add up!  If you exercise 5 days a week for 12 weeks that's 60 sessions of exercising at .1% each equals another SIX % POINTS!   Great Possibilities! 
Sally weighs 200 pounds.  Over 12 weeks she loses 24 pounds and exercises 45 times for at least 30 minutes.       
  24    =
 200          .12   
.12 X 100 = 12%
x .1
4.5 points from exercising
16.5 total points!

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