Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sarah Davis bio

I am one of Rebecca's older sisters.  We live in Katy, TX which is a suburb just west of Houston. I'm doing this contest to help me get jump-started at exercising.  Paul (he's also doing it) and I have five kids with our youngest still nursing (Daniel is nine months now).  Since I got pregnant with him I haven't exercised at all, I've just felt too tired.  Before I loved Zubma, biking, swimming and running a bit.  It will also be nice to be comfortable in my jeans.  (At home I'm always wearing sweats or pajamas for comfort around the middle)  After we put the kids down at night we like to eat treats, waaaay too many, so I'm trying to change that, too.  On January 1st my ten year old daughter and I stopped eating treats.  Which is HUGE for me because that's usually why I get up in the morning!  For now we're just trying it for a month.
I'll start off the sharing by saying we bought 50lb of grapefruit today.  We stopped at 50lbs because that's all the store had left.  At $1 for five lbs we stocked up; plus it's healthier than caramel-filled Dove's.
Everyone had cabbage on sale, being New Year's, so I found a great recipe for cabbage soup.  Well, Paul and I thought it was yummy.  The kids, not so much. We doubled it and probably quadrupled the cabbage. I didn't exercise today but the kids go back to school tomorrow so I plan on doing something

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